Vitamin D3 With Omega 3

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Product description

Due to the perils of too much sunlight, concerns have been raised about a decrease in Vitamin D levels particularly in at-risk groups. Vitamin D is specifically reknowned for its ability to increase Calcium absorption thus having a positive impact on bone health. However a deficiency of Vitamin D may also impact on immune function, mood and birth weight.

 Alongside Calcium, Vitamin D is considered one of the pregnancy “Big 3” together with folic acid and omega 3-fatty acids.

Research on Omega 3 provides beneficial effects on bone metabolism and integrity through a variety of biochemical mechanisms while concomitantly increasing Calcium absorption, bone Calcium and bone density.

Who needs it?

Vitamin D is essential for Men\\\\\\\'s health, Women\\\\\\\'s health and Kid\\\\\\\'s health of all ages over 10.

Vitamin D deficiency is more common in strict vegetarians (who avoid vitamin D-fortified dairy foods), dark-skinned people, alcoholics, and people suffering intestinal malabsorption disorders such as celiac disease).

Each capsule contains    
Vitamin D3   1000iu
Fish Oil   500mg

(supplying 150mg of Omega 3 as 90mg EPA and 60 mg of DHA)