VitaKlenz Recharge Probiotic

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Product description

Contains Lactobacillus acidophilus

Naturally fermented grain-based superfood 

"How is Vitaklenz Recharge made?"

Vitaklenz Recharge is made by a natural fermentation process, using pure Australian grains and other wholefoods. No bacterial agents are introduced during manufacture - all beneficial bacteria are cultivated within the powder through natural fermentation - just as nature intended!

Vitaklenz Recharge is safe for all ages and contains no artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives, or animal products of any kind.

No milk products are used in Vitaklenz Recharge.

How can I use Vitaklenz Recharge?

Vitaklenz Recharge is a concentrated food powder, so you can take it in a variety of ways. Sprinkled over cereal, mixed into water or juice, baked into home-made bread or added to your favorite fruit smoothie drink, Vitaklenz Recharge is easy to take.

"When should I use Vitaklenz Recharge?"

There\\\'s no better time to start than now! Your body will immediately start to metabolize the nutrients in Vitaklenz Recharge.

Why not use Vitaklenz Recharge immediately following your treatment with Vitaklenz?

 Vitaklenz helps the body rid itself of harmful organisms including bacteria. This is an ideal "clean slate" from which to build your system\\\'s defences against infection with a follow-up treatment of Vitaklenz Recharge.

How much do I need?

Just one teaspoon per day is all you need to nourish your system with millions of viable, living beneficial bacteria.

Of course you can take more if you like, with many regular users finding success with 3 or 4 times that amount.

Vitaklenz Recharge may be taken on an ongoing basis to supplement your nutritional intake, boost your body\\\'s defences against infection and balance your digestive system.