Tranquillow Pillow Queen

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Product description

Tranquillow contoured  neck pillow

Our original therapeutic contoured neck pillow, carved from non-allergenic quality foams in different densities and softness.

Specifically designed to support the neck and cradle the head.

Tranquillow has been designed to encourage better position and posture during sleep by maintaining the spine\\\\\\\'s natural alignment.

Main Features

  • Tranquillow\\\\\\\'s gentle contour features one side slightly higher than the opposite side, for individual support and comfort for either side or back sleeping, and its shape encourages better posture during sleep.
  • Designed to help minimise neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness in both \\\\\\\'new\\\\\\\' and \\\\\\\'old\\\\\\\' injuries.
  • May assist asthma sufferers and others who require clear breathing patterns.
  • Aids breathing patterns - may help alleviate snoring! (as side sleeping is beneficial for enhancing clearer breathing by opening the airway).
  • \\\\\\\'No bounce\\\\\\\' non-moulded construction provides desired nestling effect for neck and head, ensures comfort.

Five Sizes

Tranquillow comes in five sizes and densities to ensure that the support needs of all individuals regardless of their size or sleeping position can be met.

  • Children\\\\\\\'s: For the tender years 3-7
  • Small: in \\\\\\\'soft\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\'regular\\\\\\\' and \\\\\\\'deluxe\\\\\\\' densities. For older children, young teenagers, small framed adults and those who prefer a low pillow, and back sleepers.
  • Standard: in \\\\\\\'super soft\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\'soft\\\\\\\', and \\\\\\\'deluxe\\\\\\\' densities. For average framed persons, and side sleepers.
  • Queen: broader-framed (above average) persons who sleep on their side.
  • King: broad-framed side sleepers.