Slimmette Weight Loss Patches (Best Before 08/11)

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Product description

It is intended for a short-term calorie reduced diet. Do not use for prolonged periods. You are advised to consult your healthcare professional.

Slimmette Weight Loss Patches 18\\\\\\\'s each contain the following;

10 mg homoeopathic dynamisations of each: Fucus versiculo HPUS 6X (Sea Kelp); Calotropis Gigantea HPUS 6X (Mudar Bark); Graphites HPUS 10X; Lycopodium Clavatum HPUS (Club Moss); Thyroidinum suis HPUS 12X; Sedum Acre HPUS 6X (Stonecrop); Conium Macullatum HPUS 12X (Hemlock).


The Slimmette Patch can be applied to any part of the body that is clean, dry and free of oily residue. Peel the patch from its backing, being careful not to stretch or fold it, and apply one patch with the sticky side to a clean, hairless part of your skin for 16 hours daily (apply in morning, remove at bed time). The recommended areas are shoulder, upper thigh, hip, underarm or chest. The site of application should be rotated each day. The Slimmette patche is water resistant but not waterproof. Slimmette Patches are intended to be worn for 16 hours. However, there is no harm if they are forgotten to be removed over night. Do not apply more than one Slimmette Patch per day. For adult use only.

Low Allergy Formula: Adverse reactions reported in association with the use of Homoeopathic Patches such as SLIMMETTE include only local effects such as itching on the skin where the patch is fixed. This happens very rarely. If you experience itching on several different skin places, stop using the patches.