Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Gold

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Features and benefits Two capsules per day provides: Iodine which is important for baby's normal brain development, eyesight and hearing. Folic acid which may reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain and/or spinal cord (such as spina bifida). DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, which is particularly important for infants or baby's brain and visual development. Vitamin D3 to help baby absorb calcium more effectively to build healthy bones. Australian Health Authorities now recommend that all women planning to get pregnant should take at least 400 mcg of folate (folic acid) daily from 3 months prior to conception. In the early stages of pregnancy, folate may play a vital role in reducing the risk of brain and spinal cord defects such as spina bifida. Iodine is an essential nutrient required for normal thyroid function, growth and development and adequate levels of iodine are important for a healthy pregnancy. Iodine plays an important role in developing foetal brain development. An adequate iodine supply in utero and shortly after birth is important for physical and mental development. Vitamin D3 is both a hormone and a vitamin. Vitamin D3 is consumed in the diet and also synthesised by the action of sunlight on cholesterol in the skin and so became known as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D3 is best known for its ability to stimulate the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the small intestine and decrease urinary excretion of calcium thus improving bone density and strength. Recent research has shown that omega-3 long chain fatty acids are essential for babies' health. DHA - the main long chain fatty acid in breast milk and also present in tuna oil - is particularly important for the normal function of the brain and nerves and for development of normal eyesight. Dosage Adults - Take 2 capsules daily with food, or as professionally prescribed