Organic Zinc

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Product description

Zinc is found in a variety of foods, low soil levels mean that plant and animal levels can vary. Refining of cereals leads to loss of Zinc, while food processing and cooking methods may also lead to substantial Zinc losses.

Deficiencies are widespread, with Zinc deficiency believed to be a major factor in heart problems. Deficiencies are very common among pregnant women and those taking the contraceptive pill.

Organic forms of Zinc are very well accepted because they are presented to the body in a form which can be more efficiently absorbed. Thompsons Organic Zinc provides 125.5 mg of Zinc Gluconate, yielding 15 mg of elemental Zinc, which helps the recommended daily allowance, of 16mg, to be achieved by taking one high potency Thompsons Organic Zinc a day.

Formulation Minerals Zinc Gluconate 125 mg Equiv. Zinc 15 mg

Direction for use Adults - One tablet a day (before bedtime), or as professionally prescribed.