Liv-A 450mg

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Product description

This formula provides herbs with a range of functions, and can be of assistance to the digestive system and liver, as well as having diuretic properties. Beetroot is commonly used for cleansing the digestive system as well as assisting the liver and spleen. Dandelion has traditionally been used to support the liver, in addition to having mild diuretic properties. Parsley is best known for its use as a garnish on meals. In herbal medicine it is considered an effective diuretic. Horsetail is a rich source of silica, and has also been shown to display diuretic properties. Yellow Dock is an alterative and gentle purgative that can cleanse the blood and bowels. Birch has traditionally been used as a diuretic. Black Cohosh has traditionally been used for its anti-spasmodic and alterative properties. Blessed Thistle is considered a bitter herb that can assist in the production of digestive juices. Angelica Root is a cholagogue that can assist in the secretion of digestive juices. It has traditionally been used for loss of appetite, mild spasms of the digestive tract and flatulence. Chamomile acts as a tonic on the digestive system and can help to relieve spasms of the gastrointestinal system. Gentian is typically used to assist the production of digestive juices, and has traditionally been used for digestive symptoms such as loss of appetite, fullness and flatulence. Golden Rod is considered a diuretic.