Kolorex Advanced Intestinal Care

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Product description

Normally C.albicans is kept in balance by our so-called beneficial microflora. Alteration of this balance can result in the Candida proliferating out of control. This may result in the condition known as Candidiasis (moniliasis), also known as Thrush.

Certain predisposing factors are known to increase the likelihood of developing a Candidal infection: Broad spectrum antibiotic treatment

Pregnancy Stress Immune deficiencies (for example HIV infection)

Humid climates Diabetes, or other endocrine conditions

Poor diet

To capture the synergy between Horopito leaf and Anise seed Kolorex® capsules contain Vcap™ capsules of both ingredients. They work together to rebalance microbial life in the intestine.

Kolorex Capsules are available as : - 175mg (New Strength) Capsules; available in boxes of 56 capsules (28 Horopito and 28 Anise seed).

This is sufficient for 1 months normal usage.

Kolorex capsules are 100% natural, and are manufactured using Vcaps™ vege capsules, approved by the Vegetarian Society, and are Kosher approved.

Additionally, Kolorex Capsules are: Convenient Size 1 Capsules

Gluten Free Dairy Free Soy Free Wheat Free Contain no excipients or fillers