CoQ10 Lingual 100mg chewable tablets

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Product description

Each Tablet contains

Ubidecarenone (coenzyme Q10) 100mg

Product Information:

  • Topical application of CoQ10 to the gums has been shown to provide nutritional support for the integrity of healthy periodontal tissue. 
  • CoQ10 plays an essential role in the generation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within the mitochondria of cells. 
  • As an antioxidant CoQ10 is capable of protecting cell membranes and plasma lipoproteins, including LDL cholesterol, from free radical damage. 
  • CoQ10 also helps to regenerate vitamin E and acts synergistically with selenium. 
  • CoQ10 can assist in postexercise recovery and improves recovery time following strenuous exercise. 
  • The    elderly    may    have    additional    requirements    for    CoQ10,    and    therefore    benefit    from    supplementation.

Adults: Chew one tablet daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.