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SYNDROME X is often hidden and mysterious and yet it affects 25% of the AUSTRALIAN POPULATION.

SYNDROME X is well recognised as a disturbance of insulin metabolism that greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2. The incidence of diabetes has tripled in the last 20 years and there are now more than one million Australians with diagnosed diabetes.  Diabetes Australia predicts that by the year 2010 there will be 1.7 million Australians with type 2 diabetes. Some researchers have compared SYNDROME X to an iceberg, as it is only the symptoms that appear above the surface while its cause (namely excess insulin) remains unrecognised beneath the surface.

Syndrome X is still not recognised as a major factor in weight excess. Dr Cabot highlights this oversight and says that excess insulin encourages the body to store fat. She calls insulin "the fat-producing hormone".

What causes Syndrome X? Consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates and hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is typical in our culture. This causes excess production of the hormone insulin. The body then becomes resistant to the effects of insulin, and compensates by producing even more insulin to stabilise blood sugar levels.

High levels of insulin cause:

  • carbohydrates to be converted into body fat
  • excessive hunger for carbohydrates and sugary foods
  • suppression of the fat burning hormone glucagon

This book reveals some surprising facts about Syndrome X and weight loss generally.