Barley Grass (Org) 500mg

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Product description

In general, the composition of the cereal grasses is the same. Barley and wheat grown in the same field will have the same analysis.

Serving size: 6 tablets (3 grams) Per 100g Energy 1600kj Protein 27g Fat Total 8g Omega-3 ALA 6.5g Saturated 0.6g Carbohydrate 53g Chlorophyll 920mg Beta Carotene 590mg Folates 1400mcg Ash (Alkaline) 10.5g Phosphorus 290mg Calcium 700mg Magnesium 150mg Sulphur 250mg Manganese 2mg Iron 15mg Zinc 3mg Potassium 3700mg Sodium 360mg Main features

Significant source of Chlorophylls, mixed Carotenoids, Antioxidants, Folic Acid, Protein and Omega-3.

Alkaline Foods It is important to keep the fluids in our bodies on the alkaline side to reduce the risk of bone loss. Barley and Wheat grass are alkaline foods.