Aminoplex powder

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Product description

Nutritional Information
Each Serving (44g = 2 Scoops) Contains*:

Energy 678kJ (162Cal)
Protein 29g
Fat - total
      - saturated
Carbohydrate - total 3.7g
      - sugars
Dietary fibre
Sodium 11.9mg
Calcium 88.1mg

Amino Acid Composition:
(based on the entire product at the end of production)

Alanine 1667mg
Arginine 2457mg
Aspartic acid 2644mg
Cystine 802 mg
Glutamic acid 5537 mg
Glycine 1310 mg
Histidine 663mg
Isoleucine 1247mg
Leucine 2572mg
Lysine 884mg
Methionine 868mg
Phenylalanine 1604mg
Proline 1413mg
Serine 1440mg
Threonine 1062mg
Tryptophan 387mg
Tyrosine 1543mg
Valine 1846mg

*Based on average amounts.

Rice protein concentrate, vanilla cream flavour, enzymes, Stevia rebaudiana (stevia) extract dry concentrate, calcium.

Product Information:
  • Rice protein concentrate is considered to have a low digestive allergen potential.
  • Ideal for vegetarians, vegans and individuals with increased protein requirements. 
  • Contains natural digestive enzymes (bromelain from pineapple) to assist in the breakdown and assimilation of protein.
  • Lactose-free. 
  • Light vanilla flavouring, sweetened with stevia, suitable for mixing with water, juice or into a smoothie.•