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Book- Raw Juices Can Save Your Life
Book- Raw Juices Can Save Your Life $19.99 $26.99
I have known about the healing power of raw juices from a very young age, because they were the only therapy that saved my grandmother’s life. My grandmother, Susannah Dalton, was struck with a very severe form of a kidney disease called glomerulo-nephritis while she was still in her twenties. This was during the 1930’s when very little was available to treat kidney disease. In glomerulo-nephritis, the immune system attacks the tubules of the kidneys causing widespread kidney inflammation and blood and protein in the urine. Susannah was truly at death’s door when the hospital told my grandfather there was nothing further they could offer to save her life. Thankfully, my grandfather Harry was a man ahead of his time and a hospital dietician. Harry took Susannah home and started a program of raw juicing. Harry gave her a glass of raw vegetable juice made alternatively from a vegetable growing above the ground and from a vegetable growing below the ground every hour. A miracle then started to occur, and over the next 6 weeks Susannah gradually regained her health. Her kidney inflammation settled down and her kidneys regained normal function. The concentrated vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in the juices had calmed down her immune system and put out the fire of inflammation. Susannah Dalton was a wonderful woman and lived to the ripe old age of 78 years. It must have been a labour of love for my grandfather, as in those days one did not have the luxury of easy to use juice-extracting machines. Often in this technological age where computers diagnose diseases and perform surgery, we tend to minimise natural therapies. It seems incredulous that the simple act of drinking raw juices could turn around severe diseases, however I have seen it work in otherwise hopeless cases. Juices are easily digested and absorbed and are superb for those with a poor appetite, nausea, digestive problems and an inflamed stomach or intestines. It is so much easier to drink a juice than chew your way through large amounts of fibrous raw vegetables, especially if you are feeling fatigued and disinterested in food. Modern day medicine is focused on treating the symptoms of disease with suppressive drugs. Sometimes this is necessary when a disease is very aggressive and acute in onset, however raw juice therapy is something that should always be used, even in conjunction with drug use. I have seen many of my patients recover form chronic disease after they started juicing, and this has been after they have tried many other things. People of all ages can benefit from juicing, especially the very young and old, or those with serious disease such as cancer, immune dysfunction and liver problems. Juices are a perfect medium in which to mix and dissolve nutritional powders, and will enhance their healing powers. The nutrients and herbs in powders are better absorbed than tablet forms of the same ingredients, and mixing them in juices enhances their solubility, digestion, and absorption. The juices bring the healing nutrients to the cells in the surface of the mucous membrane of the gut in an easily absorbed form. This requires much less energy to assimilate than solid tablets, especially in people with inflamed mucous membranes in the intestines. Juices can be combined in so many ways to make them palatable and even delicious. Their diverse colours and taste enable huge variety so that you will not get bored. For those who feel they need an extra boost, there is nothing better than having a raw juice everyday. It will brighten up the day by providing extra energy and endurance.   Raw juices are easy on your intestines Juices are packed with living enzymes to assist the digestive process, which means your gut, liver and pancreas do not have to work too hard to provide you with vital nutrients. This conserves vital body energy, which means that you do not feel heavy or weighed down after drinking juices. You can absorb up to 99% of their nutritional value. Juices supply a concentrated source of vital nutrients. A medium size glass of carrot juice (250 mL) is approximately equivalent to eating 500 grams (over one pound) of raw carrots. Eating so many carrots at one time would be hard on the jaws and teeth, and would take a long time to get through. Juices are unique because they allow the gut to receive very concentrated amounts of phyto-nutrients that could not be obtained by eating a normal amount of raw vegetables and fruits. Ideally, you should consume a diet that consists of a high percentage of raw fruits and vegetables, with cooked vegetables and raw juices. If you find the juices too strong, simply dilute them with water or flavoured herbal teas according to your taste. If you are sensitive to fruit sugar (fructose), or are diabetic, then it is better to avoid fruit juices and use only vegetable juices.   Raw juices can reduce acidity and toxicity in the body  Many people consume a diet high in processed foods, along with tea, coffee and alcohol. This causes a build up of acids and metabolic waste products in the body, which can result in more inflammation. This acidic state of the body can be neutralised by drinking raw juices. Celery, cucumber and cabbage juice are excellent to reduce acidity. This is an effective way to balance the pH levels (acid-base) balance in the body, which will dramatically increase energy and well-being. Raw juices are able to stimulate the function of the bowels, liver and kidneys, which increases the breakdown and elimination of toxic chemicals and waste products from the body. The raw juices can increase the quality and flow of the bile. This is very important in detoxification, because the liver pumps large amounts of toxic poisons out of the body through the bile. In some people, the biliary system is like a "sewer" in that it is laden with unhealthy fats and toxins. Little wonder that millions of people suffer with liver and gall bladder diseases and stones. If only they knew about the power of raw juicing and "The Liver Cleansing Diet", they would be able to keep their gall bladder, and enjoy a healthier life. It is quite safe and very effective to go on a raw vegetable and fruit juice "fast" for 2 to 3 days. During these days, you have nothing to eat except raw juice combinations, and raw vegetables and fruits. Diabetics cannot do this, as they must have regular protein and complex carbohydrates, but they can still enjoy raw juicing. There are so many sick people on this planet searching for lasting solutions to their health problems. Furthermore, some of the drugs used to treat common ailments, can themsleves cause disease, and we call this drug-induced disease "iatrogenic disease". For example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can damage the stomach, kidneys and the liver, if they are taken on a long-term basis. The cholesterol lowering drugs known as "statins" can cause severe muscle diseases. Some of the drugs used to lower blood sugar levels can cause liver disease. A friend of mine who is a flying instructor was taking anti-inflammatory drugs for several months to reduce the pain of a back problem. After several weeks he found himself depressed and unable to remember the things he needed to be able to fly and instruct well. He was about to start anti-depressants, when I told him to stop the anti-inflammatory drugs and try "The Liver Cleansing Diet" and raw juicing. Within 2 weeks, his memory and mental abilities had returned and he could cope easily. He had been told he was suffering with stress! Long-term antibiotics can cause severe liver damage, which can lead to immune dysfunction resulting in allergies and autoimmune diseases. Steroids like cortisone may lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis. Also, these drugs become increasingly ineffective over long periods of time. These problems led me to become a medical doctor who first likes to do no harm to her patients. This is why I have turned towards nutritional medicine and I have found it immensely satisfying. The incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes has tripled in the last 40 years because we are not in tune with our body’s natural needs. It is true that "the food keeps getting faster and faster and we keep getting slower and slower"! You may be aware that in the early part of the year 2000 there was an emergency recall in the USA of a drug called "Rezeulin". Rezeulin had been initially released onto the market for diabetics to lower their blood sugar levels. Rezeulin caused severe liver damage in a significant percentage of diabetics, and some of these cases were fatal. We often tend to panic when we become sick and rush in to taking drugs or having surgery. It is often better to sit down, relax and think for a while, so we can look at more natural alternatives. Can we change our diet and lifestyle, reduce stress, and take the time needed to truly heal ourselves? Yes, we can afford some more time for ourselves, and even if we need to take drugs, it is vitally important to start a program of raw juicing and raw foods. This is so important but rarely given the credibility it deserves. Whilst I was lecturing in New Zealand, I met a very young woman with severe autoimmune liver disease. Her doctors did not know why she had developed this severe liver inflammation and had told her that she was going to need a liver transplant. During childhood, she had suffered with numerous colds and flus that had been treated with prolonged and excessive doses of antibiotics. These had probably been very significant in the genesis of her mysterious liver disease. If only her parents had not panicked and taken the time to consult a nutritional doctor and a specialist immunologist to check her immune system thoroughly, she could have controlled many of these infections with raw juices, dietary modification and nutritional supplements. Another of my patients had come to see me suffering with longstanding obesity and had tried stomach stapling, many fad diets and tons of appetite suppressant drugs. These had damaged her liver and she had developed a "fatty liver", which made it impossible for her to lose weight. I convinced her to start juicing and to take a powerful liver tonic. She was quite desperate and agreed to try this program. After 12 months, she had reversed her fatty liver and had lost 37 kilograms in weight. In her case, it was vital to get her liver burning fat again. The juices had improved her liver function, changing her liver from a fat storing organ into a fat burning organ. She found that the juices quenched her appetite and gave her the energy to start exercising again. Another patient came to see me complaining of weight excess, a facial rash and elevated liver enzymes. She had originally suffered with acne rosacea, which is a red pimply rash of the face. The doctor had given her long term tetracycline antibiotics for the acne, which had damaged her liver and made her face bright purple in colour. To overcome this drug induced side effect, she was taken off the tetracycline and given cortisone and antihistamines. The cortisone upset her heart, causing severe palpitations and she then had to stop everything. She was very frustrated and had finally turned towards a natural solution for the imbalance in her body. I started her on a course of juices for her liver and immune system and within 3 months, all her problems had gone. Moreover, she had lost much of her excess weight. It is surely time to turn back to the treasure house of nutritional healing, so that we can work on the causes of disease and rejuvenate the sick cells in our bodies back to health. I am always hearing stories from patients that make me saddened because they were not offered the benefit of using raw juices. Even though a program of raw juicing may to many seem simple and nothing new, it is an incredible healing tool.
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Book- Help For Depression and Anxiety
Book- Help For Depression and Anxiety $18.99 $24.99
It is important to understand the brain\\\\\\\'s chemistry so that we can achieve the chemistry of happiness and realise our full potential!   Discover how you can influence - SEROTONIN - the happy chemical! DOPAMINE - the chemical of focus, incentive, pleasure and satisfaction NORADRENALIN - the chemical of drive, excitement and energy   IN THIS BOOK, DR CABOT PROVIDES A HOLISTIC PLAN WHICH ADDRESSES ALL THE FACTORS THAT MAY BE OVERLOADING YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM
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Book- Magnesium The Miracle Mineral
Book- Magnesium The Miracle Mineral $14.99 $18.99
Magnesium is a mineral that can make a huge difference to your health and yet many people, even in the developed world, have inadequate magnesium levels in their body. Magnesium can help those who suffer with –   Chronic fatigue syndrome Heart disease Angina High blood pressure Poor circulation Stress Depression and anxiety Poor sleep Constipation Muscle cramps Migraine headaches Arthritis Fibromyalgia Asthma Diabetes Facial and eye twitching    Muscle tightness and many other health problems. Magnesium  gives elite athletes  the winning edge they would otherwise never achieve, enabling them to conquer world championships. Magnesium can reduce the risk of SIDS, calm irritable children and balance the nervous system naturally – that’s why Dr Cabot calls magnesium “The Great Relaxer” Make sure you are not deficient in magnesium and you may just change your life – yes it’s really true – you won’t believe the difference magnesium can make to your health.  
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Book Healthy Liver and Bowel
Book Healthy Liver and Bowel $22.99 $29.99
This book gives life saving strategies for those with many health problems, including liver disease, bowel problems and weight excess. Another well-researched book from best selling author Dr Sandra Cabot that also contains important advice to help reduce
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Book- Cholesterol: The Real Truth
Book- Cholesterol: The Real Truth $17.99 $24.99
However, lowering your cholesterol too much could – Ruin your sex life, Ruin your memory, Cause depression, Cause fatigue, Cause muscle and nerve pain, Make you more susceptible to cancer. Lowering your cholesterol and protecting your heart has never been
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Book- Your Thyroid Problems Solved
Book- Your Thyroid Problems Solved $18.99 $24.99
If you have several of these problems – You could be suffering with a thyroid gland problem Thyroid disease is far more common than originally thought and thousands of people may be undiagnosed. This well researched and scientific book gives you holistic guidance to the management of thyroid conditions In this book discover - All of the blood tests you must have to check your thyroid function Chemicals that impair the thyroid The essential eating plan, foods & nutrients to improve thyroid disorders What to do if you’re taking thyroid medication, but still feel unwell  What to do if you’re taking thyroid medication, but still can’t lose weight How to fine tune thyroid medication Why some people need two types of thyroid replacement Natural thyroid hormone replacement And much more !
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Book- Hormones- Dont Let Them Ruin Your LIfe
Book- Hormones- Dont Let Them Ruin Your LIfe $23.99 $29.99
In this book Dr Sandra Cabot gives you the latest holistic information to overcome these problems.  
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Book- Breast Cancer Prevention Guide
Book- Breast Cancer Prevention Guide $23.99 $29.99
Like we were, you will probably be surprised to know that: Oral contraceptives increase the risk of breast cancer by 44 percent when taken before a woman’s first pregnancy. In 2005 the World Health Organisation defined them as a “class one carcinogen”, meaning a known cancer causing agent. Iodine deficiency increases the risk of fibrocystic breast disease, which is a precursor to breast cancer. Women who are overweight or insulin resistant are 50 percent more likely to be diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Women who are Vitamin D deficient at the time of diagnosis of breast cancer are 94 percent more likely to have their cancer metastasise (spread) and 73 percent more likely to die in the next ten years than women who are not deficient. This book describes all of the breast cancer screening methods available to women. Your body makes good and bad oestrogen. It is possible to measure your levels of bad oestrogen. The easy to follow strategies in this book will enable your body to produce less of this harmful oestrogen. According to the Silent Spring Institute in the USA, a total of 216 different chemicals and radiation sources have been internationally recognised as being directly involved in breast cancer causation. This book contains a comprehensive plan to help you prevent breast cancer, based on the latest scientific research. Breast Cancer Prevention Guide Background information Breast Health – It’s vitally important for all Women in Today’s World Breast cancer is the most common cancer afflicting Australian women One in eight Australian women develops the disease during their lifetime The incidence of breast cancer has doubled in the last 20 years No wonder breast cancer is the most feared disease for the majority of women. There are several well established risk factors for breast cancer, such as being overweight, excess alcohol use and use of the oral contraceptive pill. However many women who have several risk factors for breast cancer never develop the disease, and a large percentage of women with breast cancer had no known risk factors. We do know that a specific mutation of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes gives a woman a 40 to 80 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer, however only approximately five to ten precent of breast cancer cases occur as a result of this mutation. New research has shown that nutritional and environmental factors appear to be the biggest culprit in the alarming increase in breast cancer rates. Breast cells are highly sensitive to the effects of radiation and environmental chemicals. This is particularly the case in utero, during childhood, puberty and all the way until the first full term pregnancy. Exposure to environmental chemicals such as pesticides, dioxin, air pollutants and chemicals in some plastic has been strongly linked with the future development of breast cancer. Many women think there is not much they can do to reduce their risk of breast cancer. However, Dr Sandra Cabot says this is not correct and explains some of the proven ways to keep our breast tissue healthy. For example: Ensure you receive adequate quantities of vitamin D regularly. Vitamin D is manufactured in our body when our skin is exposed to sunlight. According to the Vitamin D Council, a not for profit educational corporation located in California, USA, vitamin D deficiency is a contributing factor in the development of 17 different types of cancer, including breast cancer. Vitamin D helps cells to differentiate (become specialised), and inhibits cells from proliferating, or growing in an out of control way. Surprisingly vitamin D deficiency is extremely common in Australia. Ensure your daily intake of Iodine is adequate. Iodine deficiency promotes fibrocystic breast disease, and many Australian women are iodine deficient. Ensure your daily intake of Selenium is adequate. Women with the mutated breast cancer genes are far less able to repair DNA damage. It is known that Selenium protects DNA against damage and it reduces the risk of all types of cancer in this way. Women who have a mutation of the BRCA1 gene were found to have more chromosome breaks (which can lead to breast cancer) than women without this mutation. When women with the BRCA1 mutation were given Selenium for three months, the number of their chromosome breaks was reduced to normal. Selenium is very deficient in the soils of most parts of Australia and New Zealand, therefore receiving enough in your diet is difficult. It is vitally important to have regular breast checks from your doctor and perform breast self examinations every month. This is best done three days after menstrual bleeding has stopped. Include plenty of antioxidant rich foods in your diet, such as raw vegetables and their juices, raw fruits and white or green tea. Include plenty of phyto-estrogen rich foods in your diet, such as beans, chickpeas, lentils, flaxseed and nuts.
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Book The Breuss Cancer Cure
Book The Breuss Cancer Cure $32.99 $37.99
Occasionally throughout history, there have been men and women who have risen up from seeming obscurity to challenge the precepts we consider unchallengeable, to investigate and discover, and to apply their new-found knowledge for the betterment of mankind, no matter what the personal cost - Rudolf Breuss was such a man. Born in 1899 into an impoverished Austrian family, Rudolf Breuss had a desire to heal and to cure from a very early age. His eager young mind absorbed every snippet of knowledge he could lay his hands on, but an alcoholic father with five children to clothe and feed, ensured that Breuss would never gain the education he so desired. Undeterred, he educated himself by reading books and attending lectures whenever he could - a practise he maintained throughout his life. Breuss was a passionate man who cared greatly for the health and well-being of all mankind, and was infatuated by the prospect of discovering an alternative cure for cancer and other serious diseases - to him it seemed an oxymoron that maiming an individual through surgery could possibly be considered a cure. He was quoted as saying "To my mind, healing means returning a malfunctioning human body to full unrestricted function, not to remove parts of it by operation or amputation." According to Breuss, protein was primarily responsible for nurturing cancer, regardless of the type or where it was in the body. His prescribed solution was to fast for 42 days to starve the cancer of protein. Throughout the fast, a juice cocktail made from organically-grown beetroot, carrot, Chinese radish, celeriac and potato was taken, to detoxify and cleanse the body, and to stimulate the patient's disease-fighting capabilities. Herbal teas were also an essential part of Breuss' treatment program, with a range of blends designed to target specific illnesses. The results were staggering. Throughout his career Breuss received over 45,000 testimonials from people who had been cured of cancer, leukaemia and many other seemingly incurable diseases, through the Total Cancer Treatment. Despite this incredible success there were those in the medical world who wanted him stopped. At age 81, he was taken to court and accused of being a fraud and a quack by the anti-cancer industry. Breuss' defence attorney - himself a cancer sufferer cured by Breuss - presented a number of cured patients to testify that they would be dead without Breuss and his Total Cancer Treatment program. Their testimony so overwhelmingly supported Breuss' claims, that he was acquitted on all counts. Breuss passed away in 1991, aged 92, but he left a legacy that will remain with humanity until disease and sickness are no more. Today, Breuss' work is acknowledged by medical practitioners and herbalists alike. His best selling book The Breuss Cancer Cure has been translated into 5 languages and has sold over 1 million copies worldwide, spreading his message of hope to every corner of the planet.
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Book- Hormone Replacement - The Real Truth
Book- Hormone Replacement - The Real Truth $23.99 $29.99
Here is a book that tells the truth! Clears the confusion surrounding HRT Explains the tests to check your hormones Prevent degenerative diseases Stop depression and anxiety Have a fabulous sex life at any age Get your mind and memory back Dr Cabot explains that there is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between Natural HRT and the synthetic options.   This book shows how to- Enhance the quality of our lives mentally, physically and sexually Answers the questions - How do I feel and look today? How does my mind function? Do I have energy and vitality? Do I feel sexual, sensual and feminine? Can I have a good sexual relationship with my partner? How can I remain healthy for the next 20 years? It demonstrates how you can balance your hormones and swing from the chandeliers!   This book gives you SAFE and EFFECTIVE answers to; Menopause Balancing your hormones naturally Osteoporosis Weight excess Heart disease The tests you need Dr Cabot says; "Women are not so much interested in how they will feel in 20 or 30 years time, but rather want to be able to enjoy the still relatively young years, at least in today\\\\\\\'s terms, that exist between the ages of 45 to 65. Today\\\\\\\'s woman is smart and well educated, and wants to know ALL her options." During the 1980s, menopause was "medicalised" by drug companies and women were made to feel that menopause was a disease requiring long term use of large doses of synthetic hormones. This paradigm has now been shown to be categorically wrong and menopause should no longer be treated as a disease. Many women now find themselves in the dilemma of "I don\\\\\\\'t feel safe with HRT, but I don\\\\\\\'t feel well without it." Many women who have given up their HRT are now finding that they have withdrawal symptoms and cannot find an effective solution to carry them through the turbulent years of menopause. Thankfully Dr Cabot shows us how natural bio-identical hormones made in the laboratory from plant hormones can be given in low doses and in forms that are much safer then the conventionally used brand name HRT. For example, natural hormones can be given in the form of creams and lozenges that are tailor made for every individual woman. The solutions to the side effects of synthetic or excessive doses of HRT are provided, which enables the patient to become aware of all her options. Advice is given on how the patient can change from synthetic HRT to natural HRT and their equivalent dosages. Delicious recipes and menus are provided to enable women to increase their intake of cancer preventing phyto-estrogens and antioxidants.   A natural menopause kit is described comprising- Super foods for anti-ageing Phyto-estrogenic herbs Essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants Important advice is given for menopausal women in special circumstances such as; Premature menopause After hysterectomy After breast cancer Dr Cabot shows how NATURAL BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES, made in the laboratory from plant hormones, can be given in low doses and in forms that are much safer then the conventionally used brand name HRT. Natural hormones can be given in the form of creams and lozenges that are tailor made for every individual woman.   The exact correct combination of hormones needed in natural HRT is determined after taking into account the following; The patient\\\\\\\'s body weight The patient\\\\\\\'s body type The patient\\\\\\\'s past history of medical problems The patient\\\\\\\'s bone density level The patient\\\\\\\'s symptoms and expectations The results of hormone levels in blood and salivary tests   Well, no wonder women are confused! The experts are confused as well; some believe that conventional HRT is still safe, other eminent professors implore doctors to take women off HRT. Just because yet another hormone controversy has raised its head, does not mean that all women will want to stop taking any form of HRT. There is no doubt that natural hormones can help us to feel and look younger, as well as keep us sexually young. Yes "hormones make the world go round", and controversial or not, they are not going to become strictly taboo! Since the results of the American Women\\\\\\\'s Health Initiative Study were published in July 2002, many women have stopped taking their Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Many of these women now feel frightened and confused and somewhat abandoned, as they now wonder what they can do about their flagging hormones. However the consensus is that it is no longer safe for women to take synthetic or cross species hormone tablets long term for the prevention of heart disease or osteoporosis. Well that has to be accepted, but what women really want is something to improve the quality of their lives as they struggle with the symptoms of menopause.   Dr Cabot\\\\\\\'s book brings new hope and clarity for thousands of women who have been left wondering how they will cope. Dr Cabot\\\\\\\'s book is well researched and contains the most recent information from clinical trials using synthetic and natural hormone replacement therapy. This book will also be of great interest to medical doctors who are faced with the daunting challenge of helping menopausal women. Many doctors are unaware of the huge and wide-ranging benefits that natural hormone replacement can offer women with hormonal imbalances.  
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Book- Alzheimers
Book- Alzheimers $20.99 $26.99
In Alzheimer’s: What you must know to protect your brain, which is based on Dr Cabot’s careful research and her 30 years of experience as a doctor, you’ll find new hope and many new options in your personal battle to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Learn about how Alzheimer’s affects the brain and how other medical problems may mimic its symptoms. Also, hear from an expert, the vital techniques to improve your memory. You’ll take a tour of the normal brain and see how billions of neurones guide your body and your life. Then, learn what happens when Alzheimer’s strikes. With Alzheimer’s, you forget all too soon the things you thought you could never forget. Are you personally at risk for the disease? Take a test and find out—and then review some of the most common risk factors and learn how many of these risk factors can be neutralised. There is no one medical or laboratory test that can pinpoint early Alzheimer’s with certainty, but Dr Cabot has researched the most effective tests and is sharing this information in a manner that is easy to read, and even easier to understand. Diagnosing early-stage Alzheimer’s is like trekking deep forests with no map—it’s very easy to get lost. Dr.Cabot can put you on the right path, as she reveals the 10 common warning signs of Alzheimer’s. The association between depression and the risk of dementia is discussed for the first time in a book.   Lifestyle With no current cure available for Alzheimer’s, this is essential reading for those who don’t want to leave the fate of their brain and their golden years to chance. For the first time in print, Dr Cabot explains her 4-Point Program for Stopping Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t accept the common medical belief that Alzheimer’s can never be prevented or slowed, and reveals how a few simple lifestyle changes are the stepping off point to a healthier brain.   Brain Boosting Foods & Recipes The fattiest organ in the human body…what is it? The liver perhaps, or a kidney? No, it’s the brain, and this fatty organ is terribly fragile and vulnerable to damage from free radicals. What you put in your stomach has a huge effect on the health of your brain. Dr Cabot pulls no punches in providing a selection of foods guaranteed to tune-up and protect the vulnerable structures of the brain against the damage caused by Alzheimer’s dementia. All of the recipes for meals, raw juices and shakes have brain-boosting and brain-protective potential.   Brain Booster Supplements First, try powering your car engine with muddy water. Then, switch to a high-quality petrol. The improvement you’ll see is similar to the improvement that will take place in your brain when you start eating brain boosting foods, and taking the brain boosting herbs such as Ginkgo biloba and Bacopa monnieri.   Brain Games The final piece of Dr. Cabot’s 4-Point Program is mental stimulation, a definite Alzheimer’s antidote that can be practised any place, with anybody, and at any time. Learn simple brain exercises and games to strengthen you mind.   Medications There are a number of possible advances in prescription drugs where Alzheimer’s is concerned. You’ll read about these, find out what medicines are currently being dispensed, which ones may follow, and how participating in a clinical trial may help you and let you help others.   Final Thoughts Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented? In many people it can. Can it\\\\\\\'s progression be slowed? Yes, again. Can some of the brain damage inflicted by Alzheimer’s be repaired? Very possibly, as we now have new research that shows that laboratory animals with Alzheimer’s dementia actually get better once the abnormal genes are switched off. We also know that it is possible to grow new brain cells and new connections between brain cells no matter how old you are. Dr. Cabot reviews the key points of her 4-Point Program for protecting the brain and shares her compassionate and practical tips on caring for loved ones who have the disease.  
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Percys Cancer Cure and Cause Book
Percys Cancer Cure and Cause Book $23.99 $29.99
"Yes" said 100 year old Australian farmer Percy Weston. With an expert knowledge of chemistry, Percy believes there is a causative factor for cancer via the food chain, an issue which science has overlooked. He proved it first to his own satisfaction in animals in the 1940s, and then in humans, by treating medically diagnosed cases of cancer and other diseases which he realised had the same common origin. These were miracles as far as the doctors were concerned. How did he do it ? How can you do it? Percy Weston\\\'s story is told in this great book. Published by Bookbin Publishing pty LTD Australia, it is a fascinating, enthralling story of one mans journey of discovery, which exposes modern agriculture as one of the prime causes of cancer. The book includes testimonies from people who beat cancer by following Percy\\\'s remedy. Percy Weston Powder, Percy s powder, Percys powder
-27% sale
Book- Synd-X Slimming
Book- Synd-X Slimming $21.99 $29.99
SYNDROME X is often hidden and mysterious and yet it affects 25% of the AUSTRALIAN POPULATION. SYNDROME X is well recognised as a disturbance of insulin metabolism that greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2. The incidence of diabetes has tripled in the last 20 years and there are now more than one million Australians with diagnosed diabetes.  Diabetes Australia predicts that by the year 2010 there will be 1.7 million Australians with type 2 diabetes. Some researchers have compared SYNDROME X to an iceberg, as it is only the symptoms that appear above the surface while its cause (namely excess insulin) remains unrecognised beneath the surface. Syndrome X is still not recognised as a major factor in weight excess. Dr Cabot highlights this oversight and says that excess insulin encourages the body to store fat. She calls insulin "the fat-producing hormone". What causes Syndrome X? Consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates and hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is typical in our culture. This causes excess production of the hormone insulin. The body then becomes resistant to the effects of insulin, and compensates by producing even more insulin to stabilise blood sugar levels.   High levels of insulin cause: carbohydrates to be converted into body fat excessive hunger for carbohydrates and sugary foods suppression of the fat burning hormone glucagon This book reveals some surprising facts about Syndrome X and weight loss generally.  
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Book- Body Shaping Diet
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THE 4 BODY TYPES: All women’s bodies belong to one of four types. These determine your trouble spots, and the foods that spell danger for your figure.   LYMPHATIC Often chubby since childhood, the lymphatic-shaped woman gains weight evenly all over- like Roseanne or Oprah. She craves dairy products and salty foods. Soft, cuddly, and often a couch potato, she just hates to exercise!   ANDROID Her broad shoulders give her an athletic appearance- like Madonna or Cindy Crawford- and a spare tyre around the middle when she puts on weight. She loves high cholesterol hamburgers or steaks, and her excess kilograms may mean excess facial and body hair too!   GYNAEOID For the classic pear shaped woman, fat is stored in the buttocks and thighs.  Favourite foods are creamy cakes and sugary quick fixes- just ask Elizabeth Taylor or Julia Roberts. Most diets make her lose weight where she doesn’t want to - her breasts and face.   THYROID Lean and rangy, she has long legs, a long neck, and narrow hips like Princess Diana. She may have a propensity for eating disorders and she relishes energy boosters like caffeine, cigarettes, spicy foods or chocolate. No wonder she feels high-strung!   The Body Shaping Diet has many benefits! With your own simple never-feel-hungry Body Shaping Diet Plan, you will discover the tools to attack those problem areas and overcome your cravings. And as well as fighting the flab, you will learn how to banish cellulite, boost your immune system and eat for a healthy heart!